About us

The dynamic nature of International Relations has presented opportunities and risks to the different actors that we have today. This environment provides an avenue for new issues to arise which ought to be addressed and explained. The Centre for International and Security Affairs (CISA) is a research ad think-tank organization set out to share the view on these and many more issues through the eyes of the intellectuals as we seek to contribute to the development of local and international policies.



The Think Tank and Research aspects are strengthened by the urge to contribute to the discourses in the field of International Studies along with the diverse interests among its members and associates.

This characteristic of the organization provides a unique platform for different minds and backgrounds to bring about wide views and solutions to contemporary security and international relations challenges.

we provide independent research, data, and information and offers assistance in the formulation and development of policies in various fields of interest.

we work on having authoritative and independent research, provide expert policy analysis and advice, and deliver practical training and technical assistance.