Nairobi International Political Forum

The Nairobi International Political Forum (NIPFO) examines global affairs and relations from the African perspective, NIPFO seeks to strengthen dialogues on international political issues while exploring futures of the continent on identified thematic areas.

The selection of the participants- global in nature- is due to the intrinsic nature of our shared global futures where we are cognizant of the fact that problems or successes in a remote village anywhere in the world affect directly or indirectly the problems or successes in another part of the world.

The Forum’s exclusivity will be enhanced by the suspended formalities to ensure that new ideas can be tried out in complete freedom focused on important issues away from the everyday official pressures and conventional paths.

The Freedom of speech will be protected coupled by the stringent adherence to the Chatham House Rule.


  • To provide a platform to complement academia and practice in the areas of International Studies and its ecosystem.
  • To engage in informal reflections on matters that affect the global public interest.
  • To poke forethought to the expected challenges and recommendations to relevant bodies to secure futures within the scope of the agenda.


  • Develop a contextual and conceptual framework to inform global order
  • Influence thought-leadership in Africa’s International Relations and Foreign Policy
  • Harness the goodwill of the members and participants to translate recommendations to revised policies


The events will attract the full membership of the NIPFO and will strive to share thoughts on matters affecting the global public interest, having in its midst high level diplomatic and political participation, academia, researchers, Think-Tanks and Corporates.